If you are literally the captain of your own ship, you are welcome to moor your vessel with us!

With berthing facilities for more than 50 boats available at the island, moorage is both convenient and affordable. Private boat owners have a choice of tying up to the dock at Mark Bay, or using one of many mooring buoys to secure your boat for up to two weeks. Boaters can reference marine chart #3447 (Nanaimo Harbour) for more information on this area.

Moorage Payment & Fees

A Park Facility Officer collects moorage fees during peak season and shoulder season (June 1st through September 6th). A self-registration (cash only) box is set up to pay for boat moorage at Mark Bay from October through to the end of March.

Boat moorage is:

  • Set up as a first-come first-served basis
  • Is available year-round
  • Please note that we do not reserve dock space.

You can moor your vessel for a maximum of 14 days in several ways:

Mark Bay on the Dock
Rates are $2.00 per boat length meter per night. Please pay at the self-registration box.

Mooring Buoys
Rate is $14.00 per night. Please pay at the self-registration box.

For questions regarding moorage please call 1-866-788-NCIF (1-866-788-6243).