Ferry Info

Ferry Service is now on the Peak Season Schedule.

Current Ferry Schedule

Ferries run every half hour from 9am to 8:30pm to Ferries run every half hour from 9:15am to 8:45pm Daily*

Jun 16 Sep 15, 2024

Nanaimo Saysutshun

Ferry departs Nanaimo every hour and half-hour.

Saysutshun Nanaimo

Ferry departs Saysutshun every 15 and 45 minutes past the hour.

More Saysutshun Ferry Service Info

If you don’t have your own watercraft, then accessing the island by ferry is an easy, convenient and affordable alternative. The Saysutshun Ferry runs from Maffeo Sutton Park to the island dock. The ferry ride provides a beautiful approach to the island and an excellent vantage point to see the sprawl of Nanaimo Harbour. Don’t forget your camera!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I book a ferry reservation?

    Ferry reservations are available for groups of 12 or more travelling at the same time, and can be made by contacting guestservices@saysutshun.ca. Please note we require 4 or more days notice.

  • Can I bring my dog on the ferry?

    Yes, your canine companion is most welcome on the island, but must stay on leash at all times. There is a very nominal fee for dogs on the ferry. Please see our rates above.

  • Can I bring my pedal bike on the ferry?

    Yes, we encourage visitors to bring their pedal bike to the island. However, motorized bikes, cargo bikes, trikes, or tandem bikes are not allowed. There is a very nominal fee for bikes on the ferry. Please see our rates above.

  • Are motorized vehicles or wheelchairs allowed on the ferry?

    No. For safety reasons we will not carry motorized bikes, motorized wheelchairs, e-bikes, or scooters on the ferry.

  • When is the last ferry?

    Please check the schedules listed above for details on final sailings to and from Saysutshun.

  • How often does the ferry run?

    The Saysutshun ferry generally runs every half hour, leaving Nanaimo on the hour and half-hour, and leaving Saysutshun at 15 and 45 minutes after the hour. However please refer to the schedules listed above for details as we sometimes break for lunch!

  • What is the ferry fare?

    Fares for the Saysutshun ferry are listed above. All fares include a return trip!

  • Is the concession open? When does it open? What does if offer?

    The concession opens June 15th. Once our menu is ready it will be posted on the concessions page.

  • How do I book camping online for Saysutshun?

    You can book camping online through the BC Parks website.

  • Are there any overflow camping/cancelations available?

    The best way to see if there is overflow/cancellations is to call the guest services desk at 1-866-788-6243. We encourage you to check before coming over with your camping gear as we are usually booked most weekends in the summer!

  • How do I book a cultural tour?

    Please contact guest services office at 1-866-788-6243 or by email at guestservices@saysutshun.ca to book a tour and inquire about pricing. We offer group tours Monday and Tuesday afternoons and Fridays until July 2023. Tours are hosted by Nadine, our caretaker of the Island.

  • Do you have moorage? What is the pricing?

    Yes! All of our moorage is provided first-come, first-serve. Moorage costs are $2.00 per metre on the dock, or $14.00 a night on the buoy. Please visit the guest services office to pay your moorage fees, or use the self registration located at the top of the docks in the red box.